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Chemical and hose fire cart

Object Name: Cart, firehose
Date: 1911

Maker: Ford

62 x 108 x 70 inches
Medium: copper, brass, iron, wood, rubber
Catalog number: 1206
DescriptionTwo-wheeled hand-pulled chemical cart, painted red, with two copper tanks, brass fittings, wooden box. Wheel spokes and tongue are made of wood. Has iron bar leveler and metal basket holding coiled hose. There are two spools with hand cranks under the tool box (these are for two ropes - the ropes are un-cranked and extended so that the firemen can pull the cart). "Tempe F.D." painted in gold letters on top of cart.

Manufacturer of this chemical engine is Anderson Coupling & Fire Supply Company of Kansas City, Kansas.
ProvenancePurchased on July 11, 1911 from the Anderson Coupling and Supply Co. of Kansas City for around $700.

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