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Water Jar, Apache

Object Name: Jar
Date: c. 1900
15 × 4 1/2 in. (38.1 × 11.4 cm) BASE
15 × 10 in. (38.1 × 25.4 cm) SHOULDER
15 × 5 in. (38.1 × 12.7 cm) RIM
Medium: cottonwood, willow, or sumac coated with pitch; handles of bent wood.
Catalog number: 395
DescriptionAn Aoache water jar with a round body and a round base. Two bent wood handles are lashed to the body at the shoulder. The neck is straight with an unfinished rim. A rawhide strip has been sttached to the two handles. (this appears more recent) The condition is fair to poor. The rim is eithe runfinished or broken (missing finishing stitching), handles are loose, and the pitch is crumbling.

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