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Projector, Slide, Lantern

Object Name: Projector, lantern-slide
Medium: Metal, Glass, Rubber, Wire, Fabric, Wood
Catalog number: 722
ProvenanceMr. and Mrs. Tom Harter (wife: Helen) and their family (Susan and Eduarda) lived in the Niels Petersen House. This projector apparently belonged to Rev. Edwin Decker a prior owner of the Petersen House (Nephew of Suzanna Decker Petersen and Niels Petersen). The projector donation was accompanied by slides on subjects such as the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, mining, the Petersen House and the Roosevelt Dam. Popularly known as the "Magic Lantern". Transparencies are optically projected by artificial light upon a screen, the diameter of the image increased by 24 to 150 times. Lantern slides were glass and came in different sizes. The glass slides in our collections measure 3" x 4".

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