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San Pablo neighborhood residents in Tempe make adobe bricks

Object Name: Print, Photographic
Date: c. 1900
Medium: Paper
Catalog number: 1987.1.180
DescriptionResidents of San Pablo (aka East Tempe) make adobe bricks for an unknown construction project. Three men are in the process of digging soil for the adobe. Two other men hold wooden molds for shaping the adobe mixture into bricks. Another man rests in the background as eight local children watch the work. Rows of bricks can be seen drying in the lower left hand corner of the photo. In the background can be seen various structures, including a bowery (brush-topped structure for working out-doors), a tall wooden fence, and portions of several homes and other structures. The little, eastern-most butte of the Tempe (or Hayden) Butte can be seen in the background to the north.

The people in the photo wear clothing - particularly work clothing - of the Victorian / Edwardian era - ca. 1900. They are likely the children and grandchildren of Tempe's earliest Mexican pioneers (judging by their ages). There may be one or two of the original pioneers in the photo as well. The identities of the people in the photo are unknown at this time (May 2017).

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