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OS-170 Children Playing Football at Rural School

Object Name: Print, Photographic
Date: c. 1945
Medium: Paper
Catalog number: 1987.1.6
DescriptionChildren playing football at Rural School. School and luchroom in the background. A duplicate of this image is 1987.1.2940.
The Rural School was established as Maricopa County School District No. 13 in 1883 at the northeast corner of modern Rural Road and Southern Avenue. The original schoolhouse was likely an adobe building, later replaced by the wood-frame school usually seen in early photos. It served the children of local farm families at grade levels Kindergarten/1st Grade through 8th Grade. Some of the students came from as far away as the town of Guadalupe. It is not known if students from different racial/ethnic backgrounds shared the same classrooms on a regular basis in the school's early years. The overall student body shows diverse heritage in photographs, as well as some of the memoirs/recollections of past students and staff. For an undetermined number of years, it appears that the Rural School faculty was at least in part taught by student-teachers from the Normal School (aka. the Teachers College and now ASU).
The Rural School remained an independent school district until 1953, when it was consolidated with Tempe's District No. 3. In 1962, a new 24-classroom grade school designed by Tempe architect Kemper Goodwin replaced the historic schoolhouse, and the Tempe School District built their administrative headquarters adjacent to the new school. In 1982, the school was closed for a final time due to declining enrollment. This last, 1962-built schoolhouse was subsequently demolished. A shopping center, anchored for many years by a large Fry's Supermarket (still there as of 2020), replaced the school and its campus on the site.

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