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Pistol, revolver .22 caliber

Object Name: Pistol
Date: c. 1920
19.7 cm L.x 11.3 cm H x 3.2 cm W.
Medium: Plastic and Steel
Catalog number: 74.1
DescriptionHarrington & Richardson, 22 caliber Rim Fire. Serial # : 354317 (located at the base on handle, stamped on metal). Stock: brown plastic. Trademark appears on top of handle. Barrel; Pickle. Stamped on barrel 22 Rim Fire. Mechanism: On inside of 7 bullet is stamped 317, on small part which holds bullets in cylinder is stamped 317. Gun has single trigger guard missing. 1984 value $15 - $20. This firearm is a "Saturday Night Special" and its only value is probably as a part gun. New this gun probably sold for around $4.50. Appraiser: Dennis Rothbard.

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