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Two-wheeled oxcart

Object Name: Oxcart
Date: 1880-1889
78 x 62 x 81 inches
Medium: wood, metal
Catalog number: 84.10.1
DescriptionTwo-wheeled cart made of six horizontal wood rails that fit into slats in the side rails. Wooden pegs hold the pails together. Curved iron rods hold the cart bed together. Holes about a foot apart on the horizontal side rails were probably used to support upright side rails.
The wheels are made from a solid slice of tree trunk. Metal axel rod, metal rims around outside of 42-inch diameter wheels. Wooden tongue 81 inches long. Two wooden pegs hold slats and side together on front end were added to the cart in 1983.
Provenancemay have been used by Morman settlers in Mexicon in the late 1880's

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