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Engine Tachometer

Object Name: Gauge
Date: 1938
12 x 6 in. (30.5 x 15.2 cm)
Medium: Metal, Glass
Catalog number: 2012.17.2
DescriptionThe big, heavy brass gauage has yellowed face with markings from 50-250 RPM. "Tacho Ratio Dial-167/D.S-501 RPM".
ProvenanceSRP contracted to demolish two 7500HP engines in the early 1970s bought in 1937 and they kept the nameplate off the #2 engine. The generators were in Crosscut Steam Plant in Tempe. They were used up until the 1960s as emergency backup. Donor was General Supervisor of Steam Generation at SRP at that time. He retired in 1991.
The 7500HP was a 16 cylinder double action engine that drove 5000KW, 25 cycle generator. Background came from John O. Rich, manager of generation and electrical system operation for SRP for 37 years. The tachometer is from the same engine.

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